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Why you will love Akure
Whether it is catching legendary live music, sightseeing, or even petting farm animals, there really are some great things to do.
Why you will love Akure

A city in south-western Nigeria and the largest city in Ondo State, Akure has a vibe that is unrivalled by any other part of the State. It is full of unique activities to carry out which may not necessarily make it into your average guidebook.

Whether it is catching legendary live music, sightseeing, or even petting farm animals, there really are some great things to do. Grand Capital Hotel, A hotel where little things make the difference has rounded up 5 fun things you can do in Akure. Explore and enjoy.

Explore the city through a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can be quirky but are a fun and interesting way to explore the metropolis. ‘Accomplice’, is a fun scavenger game which is part game, theater, and tour. Basically, participants are sent out on a mission through the city while receiving clues and meeting various cast members along the way. It is a great way to be a detective for a day while discovering some of the city’s most off-the-beaten paths.

Storm the set of an independent Yoruba film

Akure is a popular location for shooting Yoruba movies, which is a fantastic addition to mainstream Nollywood. Instead of shelling out a ton of cash to buy the movie’s DVD, a budget-friendly alternative is to gate crash the set of a movie and get all the details. If you get lucky, you could snag a “wakapass” role in the movie.

Get Festive

Akure is one town in the Yoruba land  that celebrates the famous Egungun festival, where masquerades considered to be spirits of dead ancestors entertain people. The festival which includes colorful and energetic cultural display is a perfect avenue for fun if you are visiting Akure at that period. Enjoy the music, burst a few moves and get familiar with the locals. You are bound to have a swell time.

Go hiking

If you are looking to get some exercise while having fun, take a 2-hour hike on one of the many rocks, sand dunes and hills around the town. It will be fun to go along with friends as interesting encounters with mountain goats and queer, friendly animals who seem to own these Akure hills are bound to happen.

Learn the ancient history of city from the locals

Discover some of Akure’s past without having to visit the museums. Tour the local communities and engage the locals in conversations related to the city’s history and you will be armed with a vault full of stories – some true, others exaggerated.

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